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    Hardware Upgrades

    We offer many hardware upgrade options to most any computer device. This can be a great option for computers that are even a few years old. With a hardware upgrade, you can put new life into your device and save money from avoiding a new purchase.

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    How can we make your computer faster?

    Solid State Drive

    Upgrading to a solid state hard drive will make the biggest performance improvement on almost any computer. This can be up to 10X faster than a conventional hard disk drive.

    Memory Upgrade

    With a memory upgrade, your computer will be able to handle more application processes which can in turn give relief to your hard drive thus improving overall system performance.

    Graphics Processing

    Using a discrete graphics processor can improve overall drawing and 3D performance of your computer. Whether you're wanting to play the latest games or editing photos, this is a good optional upgrade.


    A central processing unit is the main 'brains' in a computer. It is the component that calculates the data running between the memory and hard drive. In many cases, a computer will support a processor upgrade.

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