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    PC & Mac Repair

    We offer extensive services for PC and Mac. Everything from virus and malware removal to component replacement on hardware. If you have a computer related problem that needs repair, we are confident we can provide a repair solution to almost any problem.

    Please see the service details below.

    Service Details

    How can we service your PC or mac?

    Virus & Malware Removal

    Malware is the number one cause of computer related problems today. They can cause major concern with personal files and also cause serious performance and stability issues. Using advanced removal tools and techniques, we can disinfect your computer and get you up and running quickly.

    System Tune-Up

    Over time, a computer can become slow and unresponsive. This is caused by many program installations, unnecessary background processes and low disk space. We can significantly improve system performance and health by removing all unneeded programs and data and restore your machine to factory performance. All tune-ups come with dust removal and cleaning if necessary.

    Hardware Replacements

    It is common for hardware to fail in a computer system. This includes hard drives, power supplies, memory and more. We will identify the failed component, replace and restore functionality to the system.

    Operating System Installation

    In some cases operating system files can become corrupted and cause the computer to fail in the boot process. In many cases we can resolve the corruption, but sometimes a re-install is required. We'll backup your data, re-install your operating system and restore your data.

    Component Replacements

    Sometimes there can be a small component in a computer that can render the computer inoperable. This could anything from DC jack to capacitor failure. This may seem the computer as a whole as failed. With accurate diagnostics, we can isolate the issue and repair or replace the faulty component.

    Screen Replacements

    Accidents happen. Things get dropped. Not to worry. We replace screens on almost all laptop devices. Yes, this includes Macs! All of our replacement screens comes with a minimum 3 year warranty.

    Does your computer need to see the doctor?

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