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    Server Installation

    We provide server installation services and maintenance for businesses large and small. A server can provide you with proper management of users, files, centralized applications, network management, security and much more.

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    Service Details

    What can adding a server offer to my business?

    Users and Groups Management

    Utilizing server and domain options, you can refine user logins, groups, control and access to suit every purpose. This makes management of users a breeze giving you assurance your users get what they need and nothing more, nothing less.

    Remote Connectivity

    With a server specific operating system environment, better options for remote connectivity and access are available. These options include DirectAccess, VPN, Direct RDP to VM and more.

    Centralized Applications

    Running a local server allows for centralized applications running across multiple workstations. This would include applications utilizing SQL Server, Intranet/Web Applications and more.

    Local Domain

    With a domain controller, you can have better manageability of users, files and permissions, network and centralized applications.

    Workstation Management

    Having domain joined workstations makes it easier to deploy software and updates more effectively. This includes proper software installations and update distribution to the right machine. All can be managed by the server.

    Network Management

    Server software can greatly increase the security to your network and data. Implementation of Network Policy, Certificates and Authentication methods can leave your mind at ease knowing your data is safe.

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