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    System Migrations

    A system migration is moving an data collection from an existing system to a new one. This includes home computers, smartphones, servers and networks. Whether you just bought a new computer or needing to upgrade your business server and network environment, we can help to get you up and running quickly and smoothly with little downtime.

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    Computer Migration

    When buying a new computer, a very common question is 'Can you move all my stuff to my new computer?' We strive to create the familiar look and feel from your old computer.

    Smartphone Migration

    Whether replacing or upgrading your phone. Having all of your contacts, photos, apps and more on your new phone is essential. Sometimes this can be difficult. We can help.

    Server Migration

    When you have a server environment running either complicated to proprietary software configurations, a migration to a new system can be overwhelming. With many years of experience in these scenarios, we'll have you up and running quickly.

    Network Migration

    Is your business growing? Is it time for more workstations, more WiFi, more printers? We can perform network migrations in order to accommodate your expansion.

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